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Alliance and Allegiance: Factions in Zen Game

In the vast universe of Zen Game, amidst cities, professions, and battling clans, lies an even deeper layer of complexity and strategy: factions. Rooted in the very lore of the game, factions provide players with a sense of identity, purpose, and camaraderie. As players traverse the landscapes of Zen Game, their factional allegiances guide their interactions, strategies, and narratives. Dive into the world of Zen Game factions and explore the alliances that shape its heart.

The Factions of Zen

Zen Game currently hosts a variety of factions, each with its unique ethos, objectives, and histories:
  • Shiba: Known for their cunning and agility, the Shiba faction is often the silent strategist, playing the long game and waiting for the opportune moment to strike.
  • Floki: Fierce and unyielding, the Floki are warriors at heart. They believe in direct confrontations and valiantly battling their adversaries.
  • Sani: Rooted in wisdom and knowledge, the Sani faction is often sought for their understanding of Zen Game's deeper mysteries and their diplomatic prowess.

Faction, Clans, and Unity

While individual players might choose their factions, clans bring collective power to these factions. Clans represent groups of players uniting under a common banner, often with shared objectives and strategies. Clans play pivotal roles within their factions:
  1. 1.
    Territorial Supremacy: In areas like Zen-capital, where multiple factions coexist, clans wage wars for territorial control, not just for their clan's glory but also for their faction's dominance.
  2. 2.
    Resource Distribution: Victorious clans gain control over essential resources, with a fraction contributed to their faction's fund, ensuring collective prosperity.
  3. 3.
    Internal Training: In satellite cities, street battles occur primarily between clans of the same faction, providing a training ground and fostering intra-faction camaraderie.

While joining a faction, players are initially confined to their respective satellite city, ensuring they get adequately acclimatized to their faction's ethos. This serves as both a tutorial phase and an immersion period. Only after reaching a specific level do the gates of Zen-capital open, exposing players to the grander world of inter-factional dynamics and strategies.


In Zen Game, factions are not just teams or groups; they are identities, stories waiting to be told, and legacies waiting to be crafted. Whether you're a Floki warrior or a Sani diplomat, your factional allegiance shapes your journey, your battles, and your legacy. As Zen Game continues to evolve, one can only wait with bated breath to see how these factional tales unfold and intertwine.