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The Vibrant Cities of Zen Game: A Comprehensive Guide

The Zen Game, a sprawling digital realm, presents players with a unique blend of strategy, role-playing, and dynamic interactions. At the heart of this intricate world lie its cities—each teeming with life, opportunities, and challenges. This article offers a deep dive into the cities of Zen Game, exploring their unique features and the central roles they play in the gaming experience.

Zen-Capital: The Heart of the Realm

The Zen-Capital is the pulsating core of the game, where seasoned players converge, vying for territorial dominance and supremacy. Unlike the satellite cities, Zen-Capital is a melting pot of all factions, making it a hotspot for both cooperation and conflict.
  • Main Action Hub: Here, players can engage in main events, advanced quests, and interact with a high concentration of resources or NPCs.
  • Territorial Battles: Clans and factions clash in Zen-Capital for control over streets and districts. The victorious clans reap significant rewards, and the power dynamics within the city shift regularly.

Satellite Cities: Specialized Strongholds

Each satellite city aligns with a specific faction, serving as training grounds and safe havens for its members.
  • Shiba-City, Floki-City, and Sani-City: These are introduction zones, providing tutorial missions and beginner resources. Players begin their journey here, exploring professions, engaging in initial battles, and forming early alliances.
  • Safety and Growth: Until reaching level 6, players remain within their respective satellite cities. These zones protect them from advanced players, allowing them to develop skills, gather resources, and build connections.

Transportation and Mobility

In the vast expanse of Zen Game's world, transportation plays a critical role. Players can traverse the landscape:
  • On Foot: A slower but cost-effective mode.
  • Using Ground Transport: Cars and motorcycles offer speed, ensuring players can quickly get to their desired locations.

Dynamic Locations Within Cities

Beyond the main cityscapes, Zen Game offers a variety of sub-locations that bring added depth and flavor to each city:
  • Shops: Where players can purchase gear, elixirs, and other essential items.
  • Barns, Ponds, Rivers: Natural resources can be extracted from these points, essential for several professions.
  • Street Battles: Clans compete for control over specific streets or districts, with the victors gaining economic and strategic advantages.

The Rewards of Dominion

Control over city locations isn't just a matter of pride; it brings tangible benefits:
  • Economic Gain: Clans that dominate streets can earn a portion of the in-game advertising revenue, represented in the $ETH cryptocurrency.
  • Resource Control: Dominant clans may have easier access to the city's resources, providing them with a strategic advantage.


The cities of Zen Game are more than mere backdrops—they're dynamic entities that drive gameplay, strategy, and player interactions. From the bustling streets of Zen-Capital to the specialized sanctuaries of satellite cities, every corner of this world offers unique challenges and rewards. As players navigate this rich tapestry, the cities stand as testaments to the game's depth, complexity, and immersive quality.