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Clans of Zen: Power, Strategy, and Brotherhood

In the intricate world of Zen Game, players are not left to fend for themselves. They find strength in numbers, unity in purpose, and camaraderie in clans. As these groups form and flourish, they evolve from mere gatherings to formidable entities that shape the game's narrative and geopolitical landscape. In this deep dive, we explore the heart and soul of Zen Game's clans, understanding their purpose, strategy, and impact.

Formation and Purpose

At its core, a clan represents a group of players uniting under a shared banner. It is more than a mere aggregation; it's a collective identity. Clans can be formed by using the game's currency, $GZT, offering players a unique blend of economy and strategy from the onset.
  1. 1.
    Territorial Domination: Clans strive to gain control over locations, from streets in satellite cities to vast regions in Zen-capital.
  2. 2.
    Economic Advancement: Clans can tap into the game's economy, from controlling resources to benefiting from in-game advertising revenue.
  3. 3.
    Strategic Alliances: Clans can forge partnerships with other clans, ensuring mutual growth and protection.

Battle for Supremacy

The essence of clan existence in Zen Game revolves around battles, both in the form of direct confrontations and strategic maneuvers.
  • Street Battles: In satellite cities, clans of the same faction engage in street battles. These skirmishes allow clans to hone their skills, strategies, and build a reputation.
  • Zen-capital Confrontations: The stakes are higher in Zen-capital, where clans from all factions converge. Battles here are not just for resources but also for honor, with the victorious clan taking the lion's share of rewards and contributing to their faction's fund.

Benefits and Responsibilities

With power comes responsibility, and clans in Zen Game enjoy several benefits but also shoulder significant responsibilities:
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    Resource Control: By capturing locations, clans can exert influence over specific game resources, ensuring their members' prosperity.
  2. 2.
    Economic Gain: Controlling territories, especially in Zen-capital, can lead to direct economic gains, with a portion of the advertising revenue flowing into the clan's coffers.
  3. 3.
    Factional Contribution: Clans aren't islands; they are integral parts of their factions. Victorious clans in Zen-capital contribute a percentage of their earnings to the faction's fund, fostering collective growth.


In the grand tapestry of Zen Game, clans stand as pillars of strength, strategy, and unity. They offer players a sense of belonging, a platform for collective growth, and an avenue to script legendary tales of conquest and camaraderie. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, joining a clan can redefine your Zen Game journey, offering challenges and rewards at every turn.